Thursday, May 03, 2007

so sian ar!! have been like this at work for 2 days le..nth to do at net i oso surf until sianz liaoz..nth to surf..wan play game com to lag..arbo i go watch youtube le lo =x today so cold at work cuz apilia no help to off the aircon which is behind me =| she went to the distripark for a meetin..dunno will she be back to pei me for lunch not =x today mr ng no go work again cuz he's having sore too leh =x these days my eyes super itchy and pain =( i think is apples mao gao de gui...haha my lil bro apple is veri notti nite u go slp he dun wan slp when i at my computer den he slp -.- notti..den when i go slp is his time to be active..walk here walk there..urine here poo there..disgusting fellow..den when daddy wake up at 4.30am to prepare for work he follow him here and gen pi cong..wan smell ppl backside..LOLx! den when daddy go out..he thinks it's his world liaoz lo..bring all his 'toys toys' out to play..his toys include - my bag, shoes and even go kitchen bring out bottles to play -.- and all his toys can be found at the main door -.- NOTTI APPLE!! den mama wake up guai guai go hide under the sofa -.- den u will hear mama say "huai dan!! mummy da da" if he understands..if he reali understands he wun do it every morning liaoz..LOLx.den my turn to wake up for work liaoz..step out of my bedroom onli he follow me so closely -.- as if he scared lost =x den when i in toilet he wait outside for if to smell my poo..wahahahahha...den when i bathing..he wait for me in the toilet beside the toilet bowl -.- this lil guy is cute and funni but veri notti..without him there wun be so much fun at home le ba =D he even have a place in our house sofa..daddy once told me when i have my bag on the sofa "ba bag na zhou..zhe li shi apple de wei zi" i was like o.O?! apple got a seat at the sofa a lil baby sia..hahaha

tml will be my big day ^^ i think tml i might get an mc le ba =x having flu and cough leh =\ sup ask me go see doc..hahaha...

im waiting for today to pass FAST!!~

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