Thursday, May 17, 2007

at work place siaz de..somemore falling sick soon le =( today so lazy to wake up for work sia..throat getting the itch till my ear oso itchy -.- idiot de =x
making me having veri gao way de cough zzz...sian sian thurs liaoz..tml fri den weekend le..everyday waiting for weekend to so boring..think my recent post sure see the word "boring" or "sian" cuz its real boring sian..tml fri can meet mr ng le =) hehehe...pass him his ring..den sat going to do my hair wif mama...dunno should i cut short my hair not =( dun feel like cutting leh..but mama keep asking me to but =( cut le will waste my rebonding..but mama say cut le my hair will grow longer =x cut? no cut?? sianz ar!! sat might be clouring my hair...weekend wanna do wat ner? sat dear working ot..den i going to make hair..dunno he working full or half onli...if full i think aft my hair session i can go home rest 1st =x den meet him aft tat..den sun leh? dunno wanna do wat..go out walk walk?? i think he oso dun wan de la.."save money" this is wat he will always say...haiz..wan to start save mnoney going overseas aft my attachment..dunno wanna go where leh..feel like going Redang but he like dun wanna go..haiz wait till see i can save how much den say say oso no bored!!

took this pic b4 we go for the mother's day celebration

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