Wednesday, May 16, 2007

yawnz! im tired..and boring as usual =x last nite went to yishun for a the news at 7.40pm like tat last nite frm von saying tat yongshun's mum and grandfather pass away le =( was a shocking news for me..they got into a car accident which happened on sat 12 may in the early morning at SLE..they were on bike and was hit by a lorry and dead on the spot ='( is reali sad to see family members leaving u..and yongshun is the onli guy in the family le..muz be tough for him le..cuz he's having a single parent..last nite reached the place at 10+pm..joyce hao jie shao..asked her fren come fetch us frm khatib -.- was in tat sport car..the roof is low and is small and we were like 5 ppl squeezing at the back =.= reached there went to look for yongshun..he grow fat le =x can see he's reali sad but he didnt shed a tears =( at there sit till 11.20pm like tat den we went off le..took 969 back to tamp..reach tamp faster go mac de toilet cuz is urgent =x wahahahaha...den reached home already 12.20am talk awhile to von den go slp liaoz..almost cant wake up today =x hahaha...not long ago dear online ebuddy and told me he woke up at 8.30am -.- think frm tml onwards i need to call him 2 times liaoz..arbo late again =.=

today at work got nth to do again le =/ tml den got things told by my sup..

im falling sick =( having sore throat le..

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