Tuesday, May 29, 2007

im back at DC aft a stupid and boring training at DP - Environment, Handling System << hope nv spell wrong =x haha..i was forcing my eyes to stay open sia -.- cuz the talk is real boring..zzz...den aft the training end we took a cab back to DC le lo ^^

ytd aft work was suppose to go report police for my lost of ic..but in the end went to joo chiat side for a "tour" the bus uncle brought me and apilia to buy delicious durian puff..end up the store close at 6.30pm -.- den aft tat the uncle was asking us out for dinner..haha den we went to telok kurau for our dinner..he treat us =x we ate black pepper crab, smbal kang kong, bean sprout wif salted fish and their home made toufu..and he was going to order more and we stopped him =x arbo sure cannot finish..hahaha..den aft dinner already 8.30pm like tat liaoz..den he drove us home lo..he drove super slowly den i reach home already 9.30pm le cuz he went to refill his oil tank..reach home den i watched the last episode of the Mars VS Venus den was lazy to go police post liaoz..amma say today den go..den i go bath den use com upload all the pics tat i took for the pass few days to com den watch the vampire show wait for dear call den i go slp le lo...

today he got sore eyes so is staying at home wow-ing now...

okie now ima upload some pics tat i took using my phone ^^

going to east coast for dinner on sat nite

reached home aft dinner ^^

the "LEY" couple =D


on 27th MAY 07, SUN...

full body pose b4 going out

nice pose ^^

wif the black apple XD

@ the KOREAN restaurant...

see the essense in the center of the mushroom?? hehehe..

xiao XUELING and HAN xiuwen..hahahahahhaha!!



the crazy ones =D

the group photo b4 we head back home ^^

the RASCAL at home...

the "lang sai"

he's oso having depression..ROFL!!

hei ping guo...

the rest of the pics i will upload once mijiang come over to my house to upload all the pics in her camera ^^

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