Saturday, June 02, 2007

im back ^^ wed and fri no go work =x wed noon time went to find dear bought him lunch...den aft tat at nite went to have dinner at 915 wif milo..den aft dinner went back home den i think we slp quite early tat day aft the vampire show den we slp le..

thursday, he is raiding the whole morning till 3pm in the noon time..i slp till 2+pm wake up den go downstairs for my lunch den stay there till he come down find me lo..was playing wif my puzzle game..den not long later i went up den saw him slping -.- PIG!! play finish den slp..den slp till evening time wake up den prepare to go dinner le lo..we went to parkway parade for out steamboat dinner ^^v ate till super full lo..cuz got tomyam soup and chicken soup mix..i think the spiciness making me full =x cuz keep drink water oso =x we couldnt finish all la =\ den finish our dinner den we took a cab home lo..den tat nite slp oso quite early i guess cuz no show watch..

friday, he woke up in the morning as usual..den i woke up at 12+pm den he say wanna go watch movie "Shrek 3" den i request go my house downstairs eat lunch den go my house cuz i wanna bring clothes out..den so we took a bus back to my house den we have lunch at 406..he ate a $3 wanton mee den me eat curry yong tau foo..when we were eating the rain came =( super big rain man..lucky thing i bring my umbrella along...but...the rain is too big still wet -.- den reach home mr clayton is at home..den he was playing wif see him wan bite him sia =x lol..but they still playing wif each other ^^ den 2.30pm like tat we went to buy movie tix le lo..thinking wanna buy late abit de but end up we bought a 3pm movie tix..the show is so funni =) and the characters were so CUTE!! hehehe...den reached home onli 5pm he play game lo..and me as usual watch tv lo..yu le bai fen bai and the kuai le yu part 2..den watch finish le dear still thinking wanna go meet his other guild members..the impact..den in the end we milo at house downstairs at 7/30pm den we went to take a cab to balestia there...we ate the founder bak kut teh..haha is nice ^^ i went there to look at the photos the founder took wif..saw alot of ming xing, 5566, tension, fish leong, and many more ^^ finish our dinner we were thinking where to go den end up we decided to go cine for kbox session =) we got the biggest room =D hahaha..can slp inside sia =x sing till almost 1.30am like tat den the rest all went home le left me, dear, his bro and milo..we were waiting for their other wow fren 'onizuki' to come fetch us for supper...we went to bedok 85 for our supper so tired by them le..we ordered sugar cane drink and bak chor mee..all is 'oni' pay sia him =x but anyway thanks him..den we sent us back home den i bath hao le watch tv awhile den fall aslp le ng is still talking on vent wif his fren..dun even noe wat time he slp oso..dun care...cuz i remember by the time im on bed is already 4am liaoz...

today saturday le...woke up at 2+pm got nth for me to mum mum =( and he have already eaten his meal le =| now nth to do and his bro is out to celebrate his fren de bday so i came here to use his com lo..arbo i oso sianz..later is apilia's de bday celebration...going to meet mama 7.30pm to go to east coast..den 9pm she say gonna cut cake so aft cut cake i think i gonna go liaoz..cuz dun wanna stay there too long =x now so boring gonna go watch hana kimi ^^ BB!! the photos of yue's celebration i will upload when im at home ^^v

lastly...........I FOUND MY WALLET!! drop at comfort de cab they send letter ask me go collect -.- dunno when den i can collect sia..cuz gotta work...sianz...

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