Monday, May 14, 2007

okie im back to work today le..sianz..nth to do again -.- juz now when coming to work from distipark to districenter saw an accident which happened rite b4 my eyes and is so near to me =| there was this motocyclist coming frm the our right lane and juz turning into our lane cuz i think his co. main door is juz beside our he cut cross in between our bus and the lorry in front..and he didnt check whether the lane beside us have incoming vehicle and den he drove off happily..and sway thing is there is a incoming lorry at average speed..not too fast but oso not at a veri slow speed..and *BANG* the mirror of the lorry got crashed and the motocyclist was hit off the bike..i was so shocked 1st time seeing this kinda things happened in front of my eyes =s lucky the cyclist is not in serious injury ba..cuz he can stnad up and walk but he is holding on to his butt think it reali hurts =\ didnt see thru wat happened aft tat cux the bus driver drove so heng tat the driver is not driving in super fast speed sia..omg cuz somemore its green light and normally drivers would speed thru the traffic..heng heng ba bu liam geng =x

last fri 11th May, was the anni for us..2nd yr le wat we did? meet him at inter aft work den we went to buy tix for movie "Blade of Glory" at CS den when he was queueing up i walk out of the queue..den i saw huifen and her boi..talked to her awhile den we walk off le..den we went to Jack's Place for dinner..he ate ribeye and me tenderloin..the service tat day was veri bad...haiz dun say le..took some pics tat day..later i will post up =D den aft dinner went shopping wif him to look for her mama de mother's day present..went to a few shops at tm den couldnt find anything for we went cs and saw a shop watch and went in and finally found a watch for her..the watch cost $118..den buy hao le went for the show "Blades of Glory" the show is so nice..haha veri veri funni..some dirty jokes which i dunno onli see him down there laughing -.- cuz some words i dunno the meaning..zzz...but nvm over all the show is nice =D can consider watching ^^ den aft the movie is 12+am le..reach home go have a bath den go bed lo!! LOLx..dear sat got work so we went to bed aft bath and him aft game -.-

while waiting for our food ^^v

the food is here =)

moii delicious tenderloin steak ^^ soft and juicy =D

the green peas from moii and his steak

sat morning he woke up at 7am for work den i continue go slp lo..heard him printing dunno wat shit but juz ignore and continue back to slp..slp till 4pm =x WOW!! hahaha..den online awhile at his come den go back rest somemore =x at 4.30pm like tat he called asking me wat i wanna eat for dinner..den aft the talk i continue back to slp =x he reached home join he slp lo..slp till almost 7pm den his frens called asking him out for dinner..aft telling them tat we have dinner at home den we went down for our hao le we meet them at TM for dessert =D ate ice long no eat le =) aft all dinner and desserts went to starbucks to sit for slacking..talking abt wow again -.- he took out a pile of shit* haha..and i remembered morning he was printing some papers and now i noe wat he's printing -.- wow de raid stretegies -.-!!! sickening guy!! argh..slack till 10+pm den his fren drove us home..reached his house den was on his bed again le lo..watching "The Eye 2" is a bit scary cuz of the tou tai thingy =x watch finish den go slp le lo..cuz tat guy gotta wake up early on sun for game -.-

sun he woke up like he have to till 11+ wake me up for lunch..finish lunch i watched "Huan Zhu GeGe 3" finish the show den i go slp again =x den he oso slp..slp till 4+pm wake up den go bath prepare for mother's day dinner wif his families..dinner finished den we went home he play his game i watch my tv..when smoke break he went out 1st den went my show having commercial break den i go out look for him..den i saw him holding on to the pile of shit* den i asked him "having exams ar" so angry !!! omg omg..he treat his game like studying...ARGH!! den i walk straight back to the room..when he's in game there's no to him cannot listen as if im not there im talking to a person who is deaf!! den he finish game den come sweet talk to me..zzz last nite he slp 12+ i slp at 1am.. got nth to do..everyday like tat i veri sianz sia...omg weekdays nth to do at work..weekend nth to do at home..MY LIFE IS BORING!! super boring...

later gonna go woodlands alone to change the size of the couple ring tat i bought for our anni..gonna see got size not =x den engrave some words on it..still cant make up my mind on wat to engrave =x hehe..

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