Friday, June 15, 2007

hi everybody~ hahaha...gotta noe tat i will get my pay later oh! wa ha ha ha ha...LOLx! okie later i got training at DP training room later at 1pm-5pm *faint* dunno how i can ou guo 4hrs in the room i will slp =x hahaha..

last nite..was suppose to go meet cynn de...end up when wan go i called her she say baby wan slp liao >.< den no go le lo..den went to meet wendy and fab and waiting for yue to join me..met her at tm de delifrance cuz they were at eating there..they were eating a sandwich, SOD, steak and lagsana...power! haha..den yue in the end say she cannot come =( den when the couple going to watch movie den i go home lo..called mama when i going home..asking where she is and she's at home liaoz..say serene aunty wanna meet her go 445 drink..den i ask her wait for me lo..arbo i nth do at home oso sianz..haiz~ nvm..reached 445 was talking wif the two "aunties" =x talk abt quite alot of things..haha more on both her fav daughters elf and eleanor...wat i can say to eleanor is "ni shen zai fu zhong bu zhi fu" haiz..ur mama treat u so good and there u are saying tat she treat ur sis better den treat u...reali dunno wats wrong wif u and ur brain..time for washing liaoz~ anyway..we sit till 12am go home le lo..cuz got work today...reach home den was browsing starhub webby for phone prices and comparing the good and bad og N95 and 6110..mayb i will buy 6110 as the price is cheaper..onli things different frm N95 and 6110 is tat

internal memory:
N95 - up to 160MB
6110 - 40MB

N95 - 5mp (10 X zoom)
6110 - 2mp (4 X zoom)

dunno wan choose which confused =( when get money le den decide ba...

IT's FRIDAY~! later see how's mr ng eyes den decide wan go where eat ba...his eyes is red everyday de lo -.- still dun wan see doc..later go blind den u noe..hmmmp >.< sun papa day le..dunno wan go where eat dinner..boring~...

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