Thursday, June 14, 2007

it's thurs today! tml fri le..yippeee~ this week no geng mc no off..guai ba =) ytd get to noe tat the founder of YCH mr Yap Chwee Hock passed away planned bus route to go to mr yap's house today and tml..dun think i going ba cuz im not his fren =x not happi now =( cuz the indo-chi guy is sitting next to me at aphlia's place and playing wif his stupid teeth again..the sound irritates me!! argh~ have been meeting aphlia these 2 days to pass her back her things which was in the left alone in this office liao =(

guess wat...i planned to take up course to be a pre-sch teacher (child care teacher) juz decided ytd when i was flipping thru straits time looking for job ^^ i love childrens =x except for those noisy and naughty ones =\ hehehe...frm young i wanna be a teacher taking care of cute lil children..onli till ytd i suddenly recalled tat being a teacher in child care is my ambition =x hehehehehe...anyway...aft i end this bloody course den say ba..still got ard 10 more mths to go..2 mths left to end this attachment den will be having holiday till sept..but i think i still need to rush my report for this intern...sianz..aft attachment i need to find job liaoz..sianz sch i dun feel like working leh..but bo bians still need to work..haiz faster finish sch...end this shity course..i dun like the teachers of the logistics department..they SUCKS!! argh~

next week going for chalet opened by th pact six..$30 each..but now haven even get pay =( need to wait till earliest tml or latest by next week..haiz..somemore the founder pass away i think the pay will drag somemore lo >.< hope when on the day he "chu bing" whole company off for a day..wahahhaha =x tat's wat mama say ytd..papa oso say "ke neng hui" im waiting for the news =x week i think i gonna take off on fri for the chalet thinking wan take 2 days off de..thurs and fri den can play gao gao at chalet..but but but..mama dun allow >< see how ba =p juz complete one training manual today..since aphlia gone i have been doing wat she's doing when she's rite those work she doing might be passed to the stupid peter to do de..end up pass days he have been bringing his lappy to watch "Naruto" wan "ci ji" wo sia..cuz this shitty com cannot watch youtube =( thats why im planning to buy a lappy for future use lo..haiz..but everything needs money =\ when can i earn lots of money? when will mama papa strike 4D or toto? at least win $4m im happy =x each of us $1m ba =x LOLx!! im being greedy..lmao..i think each of us get $10k should be enuogh liaoz..wahahahahaha..think im going crazy of money le huh =x LOLx!! nth to do now..sianz.....

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