Friday, June 08, 2007

i will be so lonely at work now frm today onwards =( apilia quit le..she quit the course oso..sad lee kam gong oso resign le..moving on to other organization..but i dun give a damn =x haha..finally it's fri again ^^v always waiting for the week to pass and faster reach weekend so i can go find dear =D last nite went to grandma house at bedok..but b4 go up find her me, papa and mama went for dinner 1st finish le den go up find por por..but...she not at home -.- she went down to look for her old was talking to er shu...wanna play wif the parrot but er shu say he will bite -.- so dun dare touch..haha..aft awhile por por came home le..den sit till 9/30pm like tat go home lo..bought prawn noodle for mr clayton to eat den took a cab home =x papa pay..hehe..den reach home continue watch the 9pm show den suddenly mama call me at kitchen so i go see wat lo..den how i noe the stupid apple poo on the floor and i was not "inform" and i stepped on it..WTH~!!! stupid apple...make me scream like hell..tot wat i stepped on...omg!! im so "lucky"!! hahhaha..faster go toilet wash my leg wif detol..hahaha...den went to bath den dear called den talk talk awhile den he go back to his game le lo..den i watch the 10pm show till 11pm den play wif apple awhile den go lie on bed wait for him to call me..den at 11.15pm like tat he called le lo..talked lots of nonsense wif him...hahaha...den he put down phone go slp le lo..den i go kitchen cut cake tat bought at ntuc in the noon time..when butting the bits keep dropping on the floor den clever apple go eat lo -.- somemore is in a fast speed..lolx..nvm den aft tat i go toilet den go slp le lo..the slp was a nice one..cuz i slp till the time which i was suppose to wake up ^^v today when in the bus..the un-gentleman guy sit beside me..he is un-gentlemen bcuz...he chiong for seats and chiong off the a typical "chiongster"..hit ppl dun say sorry..i HATE this kinda "guy"...and today he wear the most ugly outfit man...a white shirt wif a pair of jeans and white show -.- so ugly man..reali look ike gay!! his gay patner =x a gurl was sitting beside me on tue..she have no slping position..when she slp her mouth was wide open..a fly almost fly in =x and she was almost falling on me when she slp =x i noe mayb i do so too ba =x but the 2 "couple" i dun like them =x hehehe...but anyway tat's all i wanna say le ba..thinking wat i can do sian de...haiz~!!!

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