Monday, June 11, 2007

im back...the weekend pass juz like tat..fri went to dear house at 8.45pm..reached his house at 9.10pm...den he got both his eyes stuck at the com screen -.- suddenly i felt so invinsible den i emo le lo..aft his game 11.15pm like i noe? cuz i heard "YES! YES! YES!" >.< they down the king..den i nua at the bed till im so uncomfortable...den he came over remove all the pillows and blanket which was covering me..den say supper time..i ignore him..hmmmmp..den in the end i still get out frm bed go wear my lens..den went to kh house den go bedok sis oso came we got 2 cars wif 8ppl in total..reached there all his wow frens are there..7 ppl were already there..den we start ordering food and drinks..they talk cok sing song play mahjong till almost 3am sia..den kh sis emo den the 8 of us go le lo..reached home i change le den go on bed watch tv till i fall aslp lo..den he finish touching and hugging his wow le den come join me on bed...den sat..

sat morning he ordered mac le den i watch tv lo..den as usual he's hugging and kissing his wow..den i think i fall aslp on bed den he came to bring pillow to me sweet of him..but juz dun like the way he is playing the game..he onli see his game and not the ppl ard him..cant hear cant see..onli his regrets is in his eyeballs...den slp till dunno wat time he come slp den at 4+pm he suddenly jump off the bed den carry on hugging his mouse and touching his keyboard..again wif his eyes fall on reg -.- de slp till 6+pm wake up go bath den prepare go his grandma house lo..b4 go there we went to Qi Ji for dinner..have our nasi lemak for dinner den we went to GV to buy tix for "man in white" 9.20pm de show..den we went mrt..on our way to mrt saw the ice cream machine den we bought a cup =) bring to simei his grandma house quite alot ppl..his aunt and uncles and grandpa was playing mahjong den as usual is noisy de..sit till 9pm den we go take mrt back to tamp le lo..bought a regular pop corn den use the "voucher" to exchange for a small drink..den we went for the show le lo..the show is freaking funni but is quite lame la..a lil boring oso..cuz got cantonese de -.- anyway the show is a 1 and half hour show..finish the show went back home le lo..den he on his come play his game again..den i use his bro's come watch till dulan cuz is loading slow and tat guy beside is playing his wow till i talk to him he oso cannot hear..make me more angry..ROAR!! den suddenly i stomach pain go dabian..go back his room saw him lying on bed liaoz..cuz is 1+am le..den i watch the last part of ep 5 den i go bed le the show end le den go slp liaoz..

sun morning he woke up early in the morning as usual playing his stupid game..den woke me up asking me wan eat breakfast ma..den i say no..cuz i dun wan eat mac again..sianz liaoz..den i slp till 2pm like tat wake up go have lunch bought by his papa..went down to eat alone cuz he dun wan pei me...finish my food stay downstairs awhile den go tv den fall aslp again..he as usual play his game till almost 4pm ask me go bath cuz he wan go cut hair..of cuz i follow arbo i will nua at home..den he have his dinner cuz he's hungry and the queue at salon is long..den waited till 5+pm almost6pm den he his turn..cut till 6.15pm like tat..den go 7-11 buy snacks den go home le lo..den same old thing happen..WOW-ing again!! im super angry le lo..the whole weekend he played his fucking game!! am i asking for too much? he raid i dun like weekend leh!! is time for us de lo..other den go out he spent his time playing game when im at his house..wat is this man!! im there for u to pei me not there to see u pei ur game de lo!! u play game during weekdays i dun care..but weekend leh..u cannot pei me ar...not tat i complaining to u i cannot tahan liaoz..2 yrs le leh...i tahan long enough of ur game liaoz ='( making me tears everytime when i see u play game...making me feel tat im not impt to u..onli ur game is impt..cuz when u start to login to wow..nth is in u onli regrets..wat u see wat u hear is all wow..wat i say wat i do u cannot see de *CRY* dun wan say liaoz..

monday feeling so tired..head is heavy as if it wanna drop off bored of my life liaoz..i wan suprises!! suprises tat brighten my delightful days ^^v and...i wan exercise liaoz..fats are found all over me..and tat someone is oso complaining abt my fats liaoz..time i buck up and exercise..EXERCISE EXERCISE EXCERCISE!!

living in a world of boredom...

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