Tuesday, June 12, 2007

its tues liaoz..ytd was busy wif lots of assignment..apilia no more liaoz now i doing wat she's doing previously le lo..super pek check wif the com sia..the MS words sux!! dunno wat kinda software the office use..argh~!! when on my way back home slp in the bus till veri shiok onli thing is tat the air-con is strong =x make me veri cold...reached home eat dinner liaoz..papa cooked chicken rice wif chicken and chicken soup..wif dumplings..didnt eat much cuz qanna jian fei =x finish dinner bath hao le den go out shopping wif mama..went to buy a watch for papa for his father's day present..den went ntuc to buy ingredients for making rice dumpling..ba chang!! my fav!! hehehehe..den was suppose to go wendy house but too bad her bf at her house so no go lo..den aft we bought everything went to buy durians cuz mr clayton wanna eat..bought 5pkts of durians for $30..i eat 3 cuz the durian is quite big >.< den watch tv den was uploading pics for my blog..den waiting for mr stan to call me..he called me at 11.45pm like tat..talk awhile den he go slp le lo..den soon i go slp oso le..cuz im tired =x today is raining..im so cold here =( i wan some warmth ^^v

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