Tuesday, June 12, 2007

was browsing thru Sony VAIO de lappy..saw VAIO® CT Series Notebook PC feel like buying sia..but the speed quite slow leh..but....the lappy is pink in color de ^^ moii favourite leh...should i? this VAIO® N Series Notebook PC is white de..price is cheaper den the pink one...oso faster..not too bad too =x this VAIO® AR Series Notebook PC with Blu-ray Disc oso nice leh..speed is faster den the other 2..but hor...is ex de lo -.- how how?? should i buy? later i buy le hou hui how? =( and mayb i will use mama de voucher to buy Nokia N95 ($768) w/ 3G or Nokia 6110 ($438) w/o 3G ner?? sounds like i veri rich hor =x hahaha..aiya! say say onli la..might not be true =x anyway i oso haven get pay =( now no money..dun even have money for the chalet..hope latest by this fri i can get ba =( cuz the lady juz now told me tat earliest this fri i can get..arbo need to wait till next week >.<

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